News Flash!

Strike! New Monday Class & Social Strike!

New Beginners & Intermediate Lindy Hop & Balboa classes start Tuesdays at Swingdance Holborn

SDUK City Sport Sunday classes are now back on City Sport


What is Swing Dancing

Swing music, or simply swing, is a form of American music
that developed in the early 1920s and became a distinctive style by 1940.
Dance Styles are Lindy Hop, Charleston, shag,
Balboa, Blues, Big Apple,
Shim Sham, Jazz Dance...

Swing Dance Class Holborn

Top quality teaching every Tuesday with dance champ
& international teacher
Simon Selmon (teaching Lindy Hop since 1986) & Anna Lambrechts.
Friendly atmosphere, in the heart of London.
No need to book.

Swing Time Monthly Party

Swingdance UK’s Monthly Dance
Learn the moves! Beginners & Intermediate Lindy Hop classes 7.45pm -8.30pm
Large Wood Dance Floor!
Saturday 14th November with The Polka Dot Dolls and The Cliff Longhurst Jazz Knights Orchestra 18 piece swing orchestra.