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Jamboree Dance Studio
Barnarpsgatan 39

How to get to Jönköping by air:
You can either fly in to Jönköpings airport (JKG) or to Gothenburgs airport (GOT)
If you fly into JKG there is local busses that takes you in to the city in 20 min direktly from the airport.
If you fly into GOT you need to take SWEBUS to Jönköping which takes about 1.45 hours. To book a bus ticket visit their website

Blues Weekend, Sweden

11th & 12th November Blues Weekend with Simon Selmon & Catrine Ljunggren. 8hr of class material taught by two of the main actors of Swing revival. One of the leaders on the UK Swing Dance scene, Simon "Mr Blues" has run the Blues night at Herrang Dance Camp (HDC) for several years. Catrine is one of the original Rhythm Hot Shots and a founder of HDC, and she has taught internationally for many years. She is now in Jonkoping where she started the Lindy Hop and Blues scene.

In the space of two days, Simon and Catrine will explore different styles of Blues including Ballroomin' (Foxtrot-based), Jukejoint blues and Tango inspired Blues. They will focus on technique and musicality to give you the tools to be more creative and expressive in your Blues, plus a few tricks and wow steps to spice it up!

Two full days (8hr tuition): 800kr / £75


Catrine Ljunggren
Catrine was a founding member of the Rhythm Hot Shots who are widely acknowledged to be among the most influential Lindy Hoppers in the world in today's world revival.  they were one of the few companies who truely recreated the tempo and style of the great performance troupes of the 1930s.  in 1992 the company won the legendary competition at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York City, the home of the Lindy Hop.  in 1994 they won a Feather Award for "Most Outstanding Global Swing Dancers".  Catrine is a world class tap dancer as well as a great social Blues and social Lindy Hop dancer.  She has incredibly stylish footwork and is a first class teacher.

Simon Selmon
Simon first started dancing Blues at the Herrang dance camp, Sweden, in the early 90’s and in 1999 went on to win the Blues division of the American Lindy Hop Championships. He has been inspiring students to release their inner dancer ever since.
Blues dance, like Lindy Hop and Swing, originated and evolved out Afro-American rhythms and movement. Simon has taken his inspiration from many different styles of blues, from the early juke joints, rent parties and ballroom blues through to Laminu, ‘dirty dancing’ and even a little tango.
His style of teaching blues is fun and informal. You’ll learn to overcome your inhibitions and connect with both the music and your partner. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced dancer, and whatever your usual style, the skills you will take away from this class will enhance your ability as a dancer.


Flying Hop

Next date TBC

A 1940s style day out at the Museum of Army Flying. Visit the museum, learn some moves with SwingDance UK & Andover's Lindy Hoppers, then put on your best 1940s frocks and braces to party in the midst of planes!

What people said about the last Flying Hop

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the flying hop dance last night.  I had a wonderful time and it has really inspired me to further my dancing.  What a great venue and atmosphere and everyone was so friendly." Rebecca Morse, Flying Hop 17th June 2017

"Was a splendid day and evening." Graham Hill, Flying Hop 17th June 2017


3-5pm: Museum visit
5-6pm: Dinner time
6.30-8pm: Lindy Hop beginners & intermediate classes
8-11pm: Hangar dance!

Don your best 1940s outfit to dance amongst the planes!


Museum of Army Flying
Middle Wallop
Stockbridge SO20 8DY

Venue accessible by car only, we will be arranging transport from London between those going.


Advanced price: £20 adult ticket - £14 student ticket
Or purchase in cash at any SwingDance UK class or event

Simon Selmon & Anna Lambrechts, Swingdance UK

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